Larvik Museum

Larvik Museum consists of three departments. Exhibitions focus on urban history, county history and maritime history.


Would you like to know more about Larvik’s history as a Danish county? Or learn about the modernization of the town a hundred years ago? Here are exhibitions and activities for young and old. Verksgården is open to visitors all year.

Herregården manor house Herregården was completed in 1677 as a residence for Larvik’s first count. The building is one of the most important secular buildings from Baroque times in Norway. Herregården is open to visitors during the summer, in which there are three tours in Herregården daily. You get to learn about kings, counts, their families and employees. Children and youngsters can participate in fun, manorial activities. 

The maritime museum

The maritime museum is situated in beautiful Tollerodden and is open to visitors during the summer. On first floor is “Discoverers and adventurers” – an exhibition of eight Larvikings who challenged the oceans. On ground floor there is an exhibition of ship portraits.


Larvik Museum
Nedre Fritzøegate 2
3264 Larvik
Tel: +47 481 06 600

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