About Vestfoldmuseene

Vestfoldmuseene IKS manages nine different museums in Vestfold county and The Thor Heyerdahl-institute, and will take you on a riveting journey through the Viking Age, the medieval period, the life of the artist Edvard Munch, whaling history, expeditions and modern industry history. You will also find one of the greatest art museums in Norway.

Vestfoldmuseene is also in charge of running Vestfoldarkivet (archive) and Samlingsforvaltningen (collections management), with objects, photos and archives from all over Vestfold. Every departmen offers exclusive topics and experiences.

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The Vestfold Museums as an inter-municipal company (IMC)

The Vestfold Museums was established in 2009 as an inter-municipal company (IMC) to consolidate the museums and archive in Vestfold.

The Vestfold Museums belongs to nine municipalities and the county of Vestfold  and has more than 80 employees throughout the various departments. The Vestfold Museums has its own Board of Directors and the company’s highest authority is the Board of Representatives.

Thenownership of the collecions and buildings remain at the museums and museum owners. Vestfoldmuseene has a close collaboration with local history societies and volunteers, and actively participate in a broad range of regional, national and international networks.

Learn more about «The law on IMC» on Lovdata's website.

Contact us

Vestfoldmuseene IKS
Postboks 1247
3205 Sandefjord

Hinderveien 10
3223 Sandefjord

Tlf. +47 970 85 504

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Our values

Vestfoldmuseene are characterized by these values:

Topical: We're topical in a way that moves and excites. We initiate development and improvement by putting our guest's experiences first.

Real: Everything we do is founded on authenticity and honesty – based on accuracy, facts and a unique ability to communicate our topics.

Brave: We are not afraid to challenge and think outside the box. We are thourough and honest with a burning desire to convey our knowledge.

Respectful: We are respectful of people and collections – history, culture and spaces. We are humble in regards to our fields and share our knowledge in an ever increasing wish to make each other great.