Our museums will be closed until the 6th of April.

A tightening of restrictions due to the corona pandemic means that our museums will be closed until the 6th of April 2021.

Our museums are closed

According to the wishes of the Vestfold boroughs, the county council, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the Norwegian Directorate of Health, the government has implemented regional measures from midnight on Friday the 5th of March. These measures will be in place until 6th of April.

One of the measures is the closure of museums and this affects all the sites which are part of the Vestfold Museums:

  • Larvik Museum
  • The Whaling Museum
  • The Slottsfjell Museum
  • Haugar Vestfold Art Museum
  • Midgard Viking Centre
  • The Aluminium Museum
  • Berger Museum
  • Eidsfoss Ironwork

We apologise for having to close our doors to the public at this time, but we will produce good digital material here on our websites, on Facebook and on Instagram.