About Åsgårdstrand

Åsgårdstrand is a town in Vestfold, Norway. It is also the name of a former independent municipality and a center of trade.

The town is located 10 km south of Horten, 10 km north of Tønsberg and 100 km south of Oslo by the west coast of the Oslofjord.

From 2007, the town has had the classification of a Tourist Town, which gives the shop owners in the oldest part, closest to the sea, the right to stay open every day of the week. In order to become a Tourist Town the number of visitors must greatly exceed the number of permanent residents throughout the year.

In this small, southern idyllic town you will find art galleries, a hotel, bakeries, a café, grocery stores, a bank, a pub and a wine bar. There are also several other bars open during the summer season and restaurants in the older parts of the town. In addition, Åsgårdstrand has an elementary school, a retirement home and several kindergartens.

Bildet viser Edvard Munchs gate.
Edvard Munchs gt. FOTO: Solfrid Sakkariassen
Bildet viser fjorden fra Åsgårdstrand.
Fjordblikk. FOTO: Solfrid Sakkariassen