Guided tours

The first Thursday after the opening of a new exhibition we offer a free guided tour for teachers who are planning to visit the museum with their class, or just want to know more about the exhibition and our workshop activities.

We welcome parents of all kinds to a baby tour. This is a specially arranged guided tour for parents with small children or babies and maternity groups who wish to experience art.

Haugar Vestfold Art Museum aspires to offer children and young adults the opportunity to experience art by participating in an active and professional art communications.

Haugar Vestfold Art Museum offers private guided tours in our popular exhibitions and can be arranged at a time of your choosing.

Every Thursday we offer the Thursday tour. Join our knowledgeable curators on a guided tour in our current exhibitions.

Haugar Vestfold Art Museum welcomes retirement homes, senior universities and private retirement unions to a unique art experience. A guided tour can be both inspiring and bring joy to everyday life.

Contact information

Questions, booking or other enquiries regarding guided tours:

Phone number: 0047 33 30 76 70

(Booking via e-mail must be confirmed by the museum.)