Visit Haugar Vestfold Art Museum

Visit Haugar Art Museum and experience timely exhibitions at one of Norway’s greatest art museums.


Thursday–Friday 11am–4pm
Saturday–Sunday 12 noon–5pm

Public holidays
12 noon–5pm

The art museum is closed on the following days:
May 1, May 17, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, New Years Eve and January 1.

Private guided tours
We offer private guided tours, both during and outside the museum’s opening hours.
More information on our guided tours.


Adult: 100 NOK
Cenior citizen/student: 70 NOK
Group (More than 10 people): 70 NOK
Family days: 35 NOK per activity ticket per child.

Free entrance

  • The Friends of Haugar Vestfold Art Museum society (free entrance included in the membership – 50 % for a companion with proof of membership).
  • Every Tuesday from September 1 to April 30 for all visitors.
  • Children (under the age of 18).
  • All exhibitions openings are free for all visitors.
  • Painters and artists/members of NBK/NK or similar foreign associations (with proof of membership)
  • Artist organisations.
  • Members of Norwegian Museum Association, ICOM, Art Critics Society and press (with proof of membership)
  • Proof of companion for disabled people
  • Teachers who wish to prepare before an upcoming school visit (must be confirmed by the museum in advance).

Private guided tours
Private guided tours are subject to other prices.
More information on our guided tours.


Haugar Vestfold Art Museum offers guided tours in our popular exhibitions and we facilitate events both during and outside opening hours, based on your requests. We adapt to age and previous backgrown knowledge.

Haugar Vestfold Art Museum is an interesting and well suited arena for groups who wish to build common grounds based on art experiences and social gatherings.

More information on our guided tours.


Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum aspire to have an offer for everyone and we try our best to give you a great experience.

The museum offers:

  • Parking for the disabled just outside the courtyard (courtesy of Tønsberg muncipality who owns the land).
  • Lift from ground level located next to the main entrance (doorway 95 cm, inside measures 145 x 85 cm).
  • Lift between the exhibition floors.
  • A wheel chair ramp making it possible to access the terrace in the café Bare Barista Haugar.
  • Two handicap toilets.
  • Two wheel chairs for lend.
  • We accept proof of companion for the disabled.

Baby carriages
Due to the safety of the valuable art guests are prohibited from bringing their own prams into the exhibition area. The museum offers prams for lend.

Contact information
If you have any queries regarding adapting to special needs, feel free to contact us:

Phone number: 0047 33 30 76 70


Haugar Vestfold Art Museum is located on a height in the centre of Tønsberg.
Here are some options on how to get here.

Great parking options located in the immediate area including parking for the disabled.

The nearest bus stop is Fylkeshuset i Tønsberg. From here it’s just a four minute walk to Haugar Vestfold Art Museum. From the Tønsberg bus station it’s a seven minute walk.
Visit and plan your trip.

Tønsberg train station is a nine minute walk from Haugar Vestfold Art Museum. The train from Oslo Central Station takes about one hour and 20 minutes.
Visit and plan your trip.

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