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Blue Whale Model hanging from the Ceiling

Welcome to our permanent exhibition!

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1. January 2018 - 31. December 2028
Hele dagen
The Whaling museum

About the Exhibition

The museum’s original building from 1917 houses a zoological exhibition with stuffed animals from the polar regions. This is a favourite area for children. The large model of a blue whale hanging from the ceiling makes as much an impression on children today as it did on generations gone by. The model was built by ship builders from Framnæs Shipyard and was completed by the time the museum was formally opened. Most of the animals were put in place between 1926 and 1936. This department had a facelift in 2020 when the stuffed animals were restored.

The work was the first step in a major renewal project that will make the exhibition even more exciting for the public in near future.


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