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18. June 2020 - 19. June 2022
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Midgard vikingcenter
Bildet viser Quisling i Borreparken i sort hvitt foto

This important exhibition shows how history and cultural monuments can be used and abused, as the National Collection did in Borreparken before and during World War II!

Increasing xenophobia (fear of foreigners)

75 years after World War II ended, right-wing extremism is growing again in the western world. With increasing foreign fear, attacks on the media, nationalism and anti-scientific attitudes, our democratic society is today under pressure.

An important theme

Through the exhibition, the Midgard Viking Center wants to help raise awareness of this theme in today’s society, and how history and cultural heritage can be used and abused in this process. The exhibition will last for at least two years and the Midgard Viking Center.


PHOTO: The National Archives

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