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Mounds, halls and the sea

Vestfolds proud viking legacy - our largest exhibition venture!
28. April 2018 - 31. December 2024
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Midgard vikingcenter
Bildet viser et gullbelagt selehøvrebeslag

Learn more about the people at Borre through the objects they used and were buried with!

New research – new knowledge

For the first time since the Viking Age, it is now possible to form an impression of what it might have looked like at Borre in the younger Iron Age. New research shows that in addition to the monumental burial mounds there have also been several powerful halls here. The monumental burial mounds, together with the halls, were important political symbols of power, which told everyone about the power that existed at Borre. But why was the power center here?

Borre Power Center

The exhibition tells the story of Borre as a center of power, and how proximity to the sea formed the basis for wealth and power. Join us on a journey back in time. Experience life in the hall, the Vikings’ journeys and meet the people who lived here through the beautiful objects the dead brought with them on the journey.

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