Our museums will be closed until the 16th of March.

Our museums are closed According to the wishes of the Vestfold boroughs, the county council, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the Norwegian Directorate of Health, the government has implemented regional measures from midnight on Friday the 5th of March. These measures will be in place until Tuesday the 16th of March and apply […]

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Bildet viser et tre og gress i forkant og Gildehallen i bakgrunn.

Season three of «Norsemen» will be shot at Midgard

The Norwegian comedy series «Norsemen» was the fourth most watched show on the American Netflix in 2018. March this year a third season was announced but this time the production will be set to a different location. The previous seasons were both shot at Karmøy in the eastern part of Norway, but for season three […]

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Bildet viser et georadar foto av et vikingskip

Viking ship find at Borre

The history of Borre continues to grow more and more interesting! The monumental mounds have been visible and therefor known for a long time. Then, in 1851, remains of a vikingship where discovered in one of the mounds. Almost 150 years later traces of large feasting halls where discovered close to the park wall. Finally, […]

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