Guided tours

Encounters with people is our mantra. The most memorable meetings happen when we host guided tours with smaller or larger groups.

The intermediaries at Midgard Viking Centre are able and knowledgeable and can offer guided tours both during opening hours and after hours.

We offer guided tours in:

  • The exhibitions at Midgard Viking Centre
  • The Borre park, with the greatest collections in the Nordics of monumental grave mounds from the younger iron age.
  • The Viking Hall, a unique and grand reconstruction of one the the Viking Age’s greatest auditorium, based on findings from Borre and archaeological theories.


Prices* for guided tours 2019

Guided tour**               Ordinary price daytime                Prices weekend/afternoon
1 HOUR                                         800 NOK                                    1.000 NOK
2 HOURS                                    1.300 NOK                                    1.600 NOK
3 HOURS                                   1.800 NOK                                    2.200 NOK

* The tour price is in addition to the entrance fee of 70 NOK per person.
** Applies per group with maximum 40 people in each group.
The prices are included VAT and apply for 2019.

Pracitcal information

  • Basic guided tour lasts for 45 minutes per place (can be adapted if requested).
  • Meeting point: Reception at Midgard Viking Centre.
  • Different prices apply for private guided tours
  • The guided tours take place both indoors and outdoors, dress accordingly.
  • The guided tours can be tailored to special needs.
  • Season: all year.


Book a guided tour

Midgard Viking Centre is open for booking all year round. To book a guided tour or if you have any other queries:

Phone number: 0047 33 07 18 50

Bookings via email must be confirmed by the museum.