Souvenir shop

Welcome to Midgard Viking Centre’s souvenir shop! The shop offers a great variety of goods to ensure our guests will find the perfect souvenir to bring back home.

We have a great selection of reconstructed items including jewellery, coins and tools based on actual Viking Age related findings. This includes duplicates based on items from the Ship Mound which was excavated at Borre in 1852.

Here you will also find magnificent wool clothing with Viking decor from the local shop “Mosaikk” and beautiful longhaired sheepskin from sheep who have been grazing at the Borre Mounds and other historical places.

We have a large selection of books related to the Viking Age and ancient time, including local publications. In addition we alse sell postcards, keychains, fridge magnets and other souvenirs.

The souvenir shop is open during the museum’s opening hours.


Phone number: 0047 33 07 18 50
or send us an email: