Bildet viser Gildehallen sett utenfra mot hovedinngangen.

The Viking Hall

Step inside one of the Viking Age’s greatest halls!

What is the Viking Hall?

In the sagas we hear about the mighty chiefs and kings who had their own feast halls. The most famous one is probably Valhall, the hall where fallen Viking warriors were welcomed after an honest death in battle. The  feast halls were not residences, but a place for celebration for the elite or a place where political and religious ceremonies took place. When archaeologists discover traces of such buildings it is considered a sign of a mighty power center.

The Viking Hall at Borre

At Borre there is evidence of at least three great buildings interpreted as feast halls. These are probably dated back to the Vendel period, just before the Viking Age. Proof of feast halls at Borre during the Viking Age as well is probably based on the fact that the grave field was actively used during this period.

A reconstructed feast hall

No halls have survived time, but thanks to archaeological findings, written sources and iconography it is possible to imagine what these buildings looked like. Our own Viking Hall was built in 2013 and is an active project to recreate the Viking Age so that our visitors can feel like they have travelled back in time.

The appearance both inside and outside are is designed based on different professional assessments and theories. Here you will see, among others, four hammer beam posts, carved and painted with inspiration from Oseberg and the Viking sagas.

When visiting the Viking Hall you will be greeted by a Viking who can tell you all about what life would have been like in these halls.

Viking feast in the Viking Hall?
Would you like to experience a proper Viking feast in the Viking Hall? We offer a variety of events suited for different occasions, such as birthdays, office parties and weddings.
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