The Viking playground

Playtime was important also during the Viking Age. It was a way of training important skills which you would need as an adult. They would have to learn how to handle different weapons, have great physical health, precision and balance.

At Midgard Viking Centre’s playground our visitors can experience fun activities the Viking way. You will have the opportunity to try archery, axe throwing, cub, tug of war and many other fun acitivities suitable for both young and old. Have a go at being a proper Viking!

Book activities

Teambuilding? Children groups? Schools? Activities at a Viking feast?
Viking acitivities are ideal for groups who wish to do something fun and different together. This can be booked both during opening hours and outside. Prices are the same as for guided group tours. Viking activities are also excellent in combination with a proper feast in the Viking Hall.

Bildet viser tre barn som hopper over trestokker.