Bildet viser et tre og gress i forkant og Gildehallen i bakgrunn.

Season three of «Norsemen» will be shot at Midgard

When season three of the international hit show «Norsemen» starts filming in the fall of 2019 much of the production will be set to the Viking Hall at Borre.

The Norwegian comedy series «Norsemen» was the fourth most watched show on the American Netflix in 2018. March this year a third season was announced but this time the production will be set to a different location.

The previous seasons were both shot at Karmøy in the eastern part of Norway, but for season three the production will be set at Midgard Viking Centre and the Viking Hall at Borre.

Team effort made it happen

Midgard Viking Centre was recently the center of attention when it was announced that a new vikingship was discovered in between the Borre Mounds just below the Viking centre. In addition to the mounds, Midgard Viking Centre has its own guildhall, the Viking Hall, which was build in 2013 based on archeological findings from several great halls at Borre during and before the Viking Age.

The creators, directors and screenplay writers Jon Ivar Helgaker and Anders Tangen chose a great place to film the upcoming season this fall. The production company behind the show is Viafilm and the series is a collaboration between NRK and Netflix Original.

– We are grateful for and humbled by the local politicians engagement and willingness to put both the Viking county Vestfold and Midgard Viking Centre on the international map. We are excited for what’s to come and our fingers are crossed for a great collaboration with all the parties involved, said Maren Wegge, marketing consultant at Midgard Viking Centre.

The starting date for the production is yet to be announced.

This project is a great collaboration between Vestfold county, Horten muncipality, Viafilm and Midgard Viking Centre.