About “Munchs hus”


About Munchs house in Åsgårdstrand

The house is now a small museum, open to the public where everything has been retained as it was when the artist lived there. The original studio building has been pulled down, but another building has been erected on the same site.

Edvard Munch painted many of his masterpieces in Åsgårdstrand, such as The Bridge, Four girls in Åsgårdstrand and The Dance of Life. These are now on view in major international art galleries.


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Vestfoldmuseene IKS
Munchs hus
Postboks 62
3167 Åsgårdstrand

993 871 184

A part of Vestfoldmuseene

Munchs hus is a part of the inter-municipal company (IMC) Vestfoldmuseene IKS.

Vestfoldmuseene manages nine different museums in Vestfold county, and will take you on a riveting journey through the Viking age, the medieval period, the life of the artist Edvard Munch, whaling history and modern industry history. You will also find one of the greatest art museums in Norway.

Vestfoldmuseene is also in charge of running Vestfoldarkivet (archive) and Samlingsforvaltningen (collections management), with objects, photos and archives from all over Vestfold.


Beklager, ikke noe innlegg tilgjengelig.


Beklager, ikke noe innlegg tilgjengelig.