Edvard Munch’s life in Åsgårdstrand

Out of all the places Edvard Munch lived and worked, Åsgårdstrand is probably the place where he left the biggest mark. Here you will find the only home preserved after his passing, and the landscape can easily be identified in his art. 

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Åsgårdstrand is a town in Vestfold, Norway. It is also the name of a former independent municipality and a center of trade.

Edvard Munch painted many of his masterpieces in Åsgårdstrand.

In the summer of 1889 Edvard Munch settled in Åsgårdstrand for the first time. This tiny municipality located by the Oslofjord would later be a huge influence on his life and work.

It’s the shoreline that immediately catches Edvard Munch’s interest his first time in Åsgårdstrand.

After the purchase of the house in 1898 Munch changed his motives and focus in his art, he now became more interested in the everyday life and people who lived in Åsgårdstrand.

The Dance of Life belongs to a series called the Frieze of Life. This frieze was intended as a series of freely adjoining pictures, which would give a clear view of life and the situation of modern man.

Edvard Munch's life in Åsgårdstrand

Edvard Munch spent most of his time in Åsgårdstrand between 1889 and 1905. He continued to come back for longer and shorter periods of time after 1905, but not as often as before. The house continued to be in his ownership until he died in 1944.