Expeditions in the spirit of Heyerdahl

The Thor Heyerdahl Institute supports relevant expeditions in our efforts to promote and develop the ideas and principles of Thor Heyerdahl.

The Tangaroa Expedition 2006 was based on three main pillars of activity: research, teaching and communication. The aim of the expedition was to continue the heritage of Thor Heyerdahl by testing pre-historic navigation techniques, demonstrating a Norwegian culture of undertaking expeditions and researching marine pollution.

With his spectacular expeditions and original theories, Thor Heyerdahl was a controversial figure. His expeditions were both numerous and extensive, and had a major impact on his life.

Kon-Tiki2 got its name because we seek to double-down on Thor Heyerdahl’s famous voyage by sailing two rafts from South America to Polynesia and then back! No one has done this in modern times, and we will prove that it can be done. It’s an unparalleled voyage of survival, science and exploration.