Are you attending a Norwegian sixth form college (Videregåede skole) and would like to follow in the footsteps of Thor Heyerdahl?

The Thor Heyerdahl Competition var en årlig konkurranse som inngikk som en del av programmet til The Thor Heyerdahl International Day.

The Thor Heyerdal Scholarship - A gift from the Norwegian Government

On the occasion of the centenary celebration of Thor Heyerdahl on 6th October 2014, the Norwegian Government presented The Thor Heyerdahl Institute with a gift of NOK 150 000. The gift was given in the form of three scholarships worth NOK 50 000 each, to be awarded to young people engaged in global climate and environmental issues, cultural heritage and international dialogue.

Thorhild Widvey, the Norwegian Minister of Culture, spoke at the presentation ceremony in 2014; “Through his adventurous life and work Thor Heyerdahl contributed to the creation of knowledge, interest and passion for important global issues, ranging from nature and the environment to international dialogue. These themes are no less relevant today.”