The Thor Heyerdahl International Day 2014

In 2014 it is 100 years since Thor Heyerdahl was born in Larvik. His life, research, expeditions and especially his ardent commitment to environmental protection and peaceful coexistence has made Thor Heyerdahl one of the most famous and recognized Norwegians of all time.

Thor Heyerdahl Institute maintains and develops Thor Heyerdahl’s ideas and ideals, within interdisciplinary research, international dialogue / multicultural interaction and protection of the global environment. This year’s anniversary conference is the eighth in the series and aims to promote greater international dialogue, energize efforts to protect the global environment and improve the environmental policy competence among politicians, the public, industry and the general population.

This years anniversary was packed with exciting performances led by Hjeltnes. The keynote speaker was Professor Mohan Munasinghe, former vice president of the IPCC (IPCC) which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore in 2007 Furthermore, the Minister of Culture Thorild Widwey, marine biologist Thor Heyerdahl Jr., author and archaeologist Øystein Kock Johansen and Professor Terje Tvedt were all on the speaker list.

The celebration of Thor Heyerdahl’s 100th anniversary show actuality of his commitment, contributing to debate and involvement in global issues such as water and environmental challenges. This year’s anniversary conference was a meaningful place where the business community, politicians, professionals and students met and talked about the future where both opportunities and challenges were in focus.

Read the speach of professor Mohan Munasinghe.


Se video på Vimeo fra The Thor Heyerdahl International Day 2014.
Thor Heyerdahl International Day 2014