Feast in The Viking Hall

Looking for a place to throw a grand event in a unique, historic place? Experience the Viking Hall, one of Norway's greatest event locations!

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About the Viking Feast

We would like to welcome you to Borre 1.200 years ago, where you will be guests of the housewife in the grand Viking Hall. Her husband is away on a Viking mission and she is always happy to welcome honourable guests. She wishes to confute the rumours about her father-in-law, Halvdan the Mild – who earned his name because he was generous with treasures and gold but starved his men on food and drink – and show that this no longer applies for the House of Yngling at Borre.

As every grand hall should the Viking Hall has its own bard, who entertains the guests with tales and jest. There is, of course, live music and maybe even some singing and dancing…

You will be served a historic meal based on the ingredients of the Viking Age in a hall straight out of the sagas. With a capacity to house over 90 people the Viking Hall is an excellent place for events such as Christmas parties.


During the Viking Age it was essential to offer great food to your men and guests. Only the very best food was brought out when there was something to celebrate. We seek to do the same at Midgard.

The buffet consists of:

  • Honey braised pork
  • Whole chicken stuffed with apples and herbs
  • chicken drumsticks with thyme
  • Whole fish with onions
  • Butterfried kale
  • Raw cabbage with sour cream dip
  • Pea purée made with green peas
  • Yellow peas with lamb broth
  • Grain mix with herbs
  • Pinto beans with apples and bacon
  • Apple chutney

In addition we can also offer our dessert; “veiled viking girls”; a twist on the tradtional Norwegian dessert known as “veiled peasent girl”. The dessert consists of baked apples and oats covered in cream.

During Christmas season we offer a seasonal twist on our Viking Feasts. Same prices apply and we also include some Viking Christmas traditions. The Christmas offer must be specified in booking.

Duration: ca. 3,5 hours.
Availability: Afternoon and weekends. (For events during daytime we suggest “Festivites in the Viking Hall”.)


  • Maximum 100 people


  • Sound system
  • Food and beverages (tailored menu, not allowed to bring your own food)
  • Alcohol license
  • Tables and chairs
  • Dance floor
  • We accept credit and debit cards
  • Serving personnel
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Viking related entertainment (must be booked in advance)
  • Teambuilding activities (must be booked in advance)

Combine with Viking activities and a guided tour

A Viking Feast can be combined with a guided tour and/or Viking activities!

Short on time?

Not enough room in the day planner for an allnight Viking feast? Worry not, friend! The housewife is more then happy to offer a shorter alternative which still includes great food and stories. Join her for Festivities in the Viking Hall.

Booking information

Get in contact with us to plan your next event. Welcome to a historic night!


Ein dugleg aabit
skal du eta jamleg,
naar du paa gjesting vil gange.
Daa slepp du sitja
svoltin og keid,
saa du magtar lite aa mæle.
– Håvamål


Hiring of the venue includes set historic events.

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