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UTSATT: Amazons of the North

20. mai 2020
19:00 - 20:00
Midgard vikingsenter
Bildet viser en vikingkvinne liggende i en grav. and Weapons in the Viking World. Lecture by Dr. Leszek Gardela in english.


Based on new first-hand studies of graves and grave goods held at archaeological museums in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, this lecture will present the final results of an interdisciplinary research project “Amazons of the North” and provide new insights into the phenomenon of armed women in the Viking Age.


Female graves furnished with weapons are known from different parts of Scandinavia. Although each one of them is unique, they nonetheless share some intriguing confluences – the women buried with military equipment are often accompanied by expensive jewellery, curated objects (antiques), amulets, and items imported from very distant locations. This lecture will situate all these finds in an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural context, seeking to provide new ideas on who the deceased were in life and how the mourners wanted to remember them in death.


Leszek Gardela works as a researcher at Department of Scandinavian Languages and Literatures, University of Bonn.


Ticket: 120,-


Midgard vikingsenter
Birkelyveien 9
Borre, 3184 Norge