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Viking summer 2023

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Practical information

  • Viking summer begins Tuesday week 27, and last until Sunday week 30. (4th of June to 20th of July)
  • Midgard Viking festival is a family friendly, nonpolitical and inclusive event, with focus on educating the public about the Viking age.
  • Vikings or others, who through behavior or actions break these rules will be asked to leave the area.
  • It is expected that all participants can teach the public about their own craftsmanship, equipment, or goods.
  • All participants are expected to engage with the public in a friendly and presentable manner, and to the best of their ability meet the publics expectations.
  • All participants are expected to follow our authenticity rules: For more information.
  • All participants are expected to follow Norwegian law.
  • All fires must be kept in a metal fire pit.
  • All tents are required to have a fire extinguisher
  • All dogs are required to be kept on a leash, this is also required by law in the Borre park and on the coastal path.
  • Garbage is to be disposed of at the designated garbage area only.
  • As a participant, you agree to be photographed, pictures can be used by Vestfoldmuseene for the purpose of marketing.
  • We wish for everybody to have a great experience, both participants and visitors. The rules are made with the intention of creating the best possible experience for everyone.

Application for Viking summer

  • By sending an application for Viking summer, you are accepting to the general rules and the authenticity ruled for the event.
  • Groups sending in a joint application will be prioritized.
  • To apply for Viking Summer, please send an email to fredrik.bjonnes@vestfoldmuseene.no with the following information.
    • Group name
    • Contact person with email and phone number.
    • Number and name for all participants
    • Time of expected arrival and departure.
    • What is your/your groups contribution to Viking summer?
    • Size and orientation of tent opening for all tents (long or short side).  
    • Any allergies or other dietary requirements we should know about? (In case of a group application, please specify the person/persons with allergies)