Bildet viser artister på scenen under en konsert på Midgardsblot. Flammer stiger opp fra pyromaskiner.

Midgardsblot Metal Festival

Midgard – In the park of Borre, where the mighty rulers of the Norwegian Vikings lived, feasted, and was laid to rest we invite you to three days of metal, folk music, seminars, Viking village and battles on historic grounds!

Midgardsblot is an open air festival from 15th to 17th of August by the town Horten, in Vestfold 1hr Vest from Oslo at the historic grounds of the Borre Park. The park has several massive Viking grave mounds and the great hall at Borre, Gildehallen, is a unique reconstruction of a grand mead hall for the Viking aristocracy. This is the festival area of Midgardsblot.

Midgardsblot is an innovative festival expanding the traditional concept of music festivals, by offering the audience enriching cultural experiences in addition to world leading artists within metal, folk music, viking music, electro and ambient. Midgardsblot also has guided tours, panel discussions, lectures, films and exhibitions. 2018 will be the fourth edition and people are coming in from all over the world. Midgardsblot invites you to the world of the Vikings and exceptional concerts in unique and historical surroundings!

Bands confirmed so far, more to be announced soon:

  • HEILUNG – a unique ritual especially made for Borre and Midgardsblot
  • IVAR BJØRNSON & EINAR SELVIK –an exclusive performance of music from Hugsjá and Skuggsjá
  • VREID  
  • EREB ALTOR     
  • URARV   
  • WHIP  
  • BYRDI  
  • FOLKET BORATFOR NORDAVINDEN – Opening Blot ceremony

Night hall club:

  • GOST



Weekend passes and limited number of 3 days festival passes in sale now!

  • 3 days festivalpass 1.666,- NOK – soon sold out!
  • Weekendpass friday+saturday 1.200 NOK
  • Camping tickets: 250,- / Tent space ticket: 350,-

Buy your tickets here:

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Bildet vider fyrverkeri, pyro og lyssetting under en kveldskonsert på Midgardsblot.
Kveldskonsert under Midgardsblot. Foto: Roy Bjørge.
Bildet viser en gitarist som spiller under en konsert på Midgardsblot.
Metalfestivalen Midgardsblot. Foto: StiPa.
Bildet viser publikum som liker musikken de hører på konsert.
Publikum på Midgardsblot. Foto: Roy Bjørge