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    Sverre Malling, Norwegian Muskox 2016. Photo: Thomas Widerberg.

About the exhibition

«When are you going to show the Norwegian Muscox again?»

​The question is often posed to the receptionist at Haugar Art Museum and refers to Sverre Malling's iconic work Norwegian Muskox from 2016. The answer is February 2023 - in an exhibition with works on paper from the collection.

Works on paper encompasses many different techniques – from drawings, watercolors, to graphics and installations. Artists often use paper to test out new strategies or work through an idea. With pencil and charcoal you achieve an immediacy. Others use paper as a starting point and fundament for their works.

By highlighting works on paper from the collection, we emphasize works that are seldom on view. Several of the works have never been shown before. However, we also highlight paper as a medium. Since its origins in China around 105 BC, paper has contributed to the evolution of languages ​​and cultures. Additionally, paper has been a driving factor in the development of art.

The exhibition includes works by the following artists:

  • Ragnar Almén
  • Vanessa Baird
  • Terje Bergstad
  • Svein Bolling
  • Dania Burger
  • Espen Dietrichson
  • Herman Hebler
  • Lars Lerin
  • Solveig Lohne
  • Ida Lorentzen
  • Sverre Malling
  • Elisabeth Mathisen
  • Bjarne Melgaard
  • Edvard Munch
  • Inger Sitter
  • Kjartan Slettemark
  • Edith Spira
  • Hanne Tyrmi
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