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Elisabeth von Krogh – retrospective/prospective

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    Photo: Bjørn Harstad.

Elisabeth von Krogh (b.1947) is a material-based artist who has had a major impact on the development of ceramic expression in Norway. Throughout an extended career, von Krogh has demonstrated a great understanding of the medium as well as a keen interest in the development of form using clay as material.

Ceramics is often associated with the home, and particularly to cooking and storing things. The function of the objects, however, has become increasingly less important during Elisabeth von Krogh's artistic practice. In the beginning she produced both vases, bowls, and plates – all containing a utilitarian function. Von Krogh gradually abandons this focus and instead, the development of the overall form becomes central. She focuses on various themes such as the sea and the earth, and large pots as optical illusions of themselves, resulting flattening of the pots’ form.

In this a large retrospective exhibition at Haugar art museum, we want to present works from the various decades of her career to show how the forms, colors and ideas have developed over time.

A larger publication accompanies the exhibition.

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