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The Collection 2024

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    Sidsel Bergløff, Rosa Labyrint (1971). Foto: Vegard Kleven.

The Collection 2024

Haugar opens a new presentation of the collection in February 2024. From now on, the exhibition rooms on the museum's first floor will be dedicated to a permanent exhibition. Our goal is to strengthen the emphasis on the museum's collection and make sure that a selection is continuously accessible to our visitors. 

Collecting is part of our zeitgeist, and the importance of collecting is visible everywhere. We collect everything from mass-produced items such as toys and furniture, to antiques and art. One of the underlying incentives behind the act of collecting is the prospect of increased value over time. For museums, this monetary expectation is subordinate. 

Museums acquire art with the intent to preserve it for future generations. The focus is on artists' ideas, thoughts, concepts, and the stories they tell. What artists communicate and the materials they use convey something about the essence of our shared histories throughout time. Museum exhibitions provide a platform for artists’ communication in the form of visual expression, for both enjoyment and educational purposes.

Haugar's collection includes both video works, installations and works on paper, but the selection for this exhibition will mainly consist of paintings and sculptures. Among others, the following artists will be part of the presentation: Anna-Eva Bergman, Sidsel Bergløff, Marthe Johnslien, Irma Salo Jæger, Bjørn Ransve, Torbjørn Rødland, Kjartan Slettemark and Mouche Thomsen.

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