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The Workers

Welcome to the opening!

We open the exhibition on 15th June 2024, 1pm.

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    Christian Krohg, Albertine i politilegens venteværelse, ant. 1917. Photo: Trond W. Andersen. Reproduced with permission from Christen Sveaas’ Art collection.

The Workers (working title) is an exhibition that deals with the topic of "labour", a theme explored by a great number of artists throughout art history. 

The exhibition also delves into the theme on a more general and societal level. It explores the relationship between labour itself, the historical and contemporary workplace and the individual worker, whether that person is an artist, curator, whaler, cleaning staff, fireman, teacher or nurse. 

The starting point for the exhibition is the worker's place within the economic and social structures of labour. By looking at contemporary work life and its history, the dynamics of the modern art world are used to explore the social and political aspects of the subject.

The exhibition contains works by a large number of Norwegian and international artists, including Synnøve Anker Aurdal, Arne Ekeland, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Charlene Von Heyl, Ane Mette Hol, Michael Krebber, Christian Krohg, Edvard Munch, and Lars Monrad Vaage. The artist list will be published in its entirety closer to the exhibition opening.

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    Synnøve Anker Aurdal - Byråkratene, 1992-1993 (section). Photo: The art collection of The Storting.

The Workers (working title) will also dissect the contemporary museum exhibition as a genre, to see what forms of labour are included in its creation, including the viewer's own efforts in their encounter with the art. The Workers (working title) approaches its theme through exhibition design, selection of works, and not least its mediation in a way that will also give the public a summer full of co-creation, events and experiences. 

Curator: Erlend Hammer.

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