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About Midgard Viking Centre

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Welcome to Midgard – the Viking era is here!

Midgard Viking Centre is Vestfold's center for the Viking Age. We work with live presentation for both individuals and groups.

At Midgard Viking Centre we are keen on activity based learning to convey knowledge about the Viking Age. Here you will be able to not only watch and read about the Viking Age, but you will also be able to put to use what you have learned. We wish to bring the Viking Age to life for our visitors.

The center opened in 2000 and the Viking Hall opened in 2013, after finding evidence of possible guildhalls in the area in 2007. The center offers a great view of the majestic Borre park and mounds, which are  the largest collection of monumental grave mounds from the Viking Age in northern Europe. The mounds in the Borre park were mentioned by Snorre Sturlason, who claimed that kings were burried here.

The Viking Hall is a unique reconstruction of a royal guildhall from the Viking Age. Here at Borre chiefs and great men have lived and have been burried. Midgard Viking Centre offers knowledgeable and engaging guides who will take you through all our exhibits, the Viking Hall, the Borre park and the newly found Viking ship burial, combined with a great history lesson.

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