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About The Thor Heyerdahl Institute

Outside Norway, Thor Heyerdahl is one of our most famous, admired and respected explorers. At the same time, he is undoubtedly controversial, particularly in scientific circles.

Thor Heyerdahl`s expeditions and archives were included in UNESCO`s World Heritage List in 2011. The archives are open for research and other relevant activity(www.kon-tiki.no)

The Thor Heyerdahl Institute was founded by Vestfold County Council in 1999, and has for many years been located in Larvik, the birthplace of Thor Heyerdahl. It merged with The Museums of Vestfold in 2020.

The overall objective of the Institute is to promote knowledge about and to continue to develop Thor Heyerdahl`s research and development ideas within international dialogue/multi-cultural collaboration, protection of the global environment and interdisciplinary research.

The Institute is supported financially by Vestfold- and Telemark County Council and Larvik municipality. It has also received direct funding from the Norwegian Government since 2006.

The Thor Heyerdahl Institute continues to develop the legacy of Thor Heyerdahl.

The activities of the Institute are based on the life vision of Thor Heyerdahl, where boundaries are considered artificial constructions that inhibit human creativity, development and tolerance.
The Institute wishes to present an image that challenges, builds bridges and crosses boundaries.

Experience Thor Heyerdahl cultural legacy/exhibitions

  • Larvik Maritime Museum, Kirkestredet 5, 3263, Larvik, tlf: 48106600 (permanently closed)
  • Thor Heyerdahl childhoodhome, Steingata 7, 3257 Larvik (open summerseason, June- August), tlf.938 80 333
  • Kon-Tiki Museum, Bygdøynesveien 36, 0286 Oslo, open Monday-Sunday, 10-18, tlf: 23 08 67 67
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    Thor Heyerdahl outside his childhood home.
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