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Local and regional initiatives

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    Outside Thor Heyerdahl's childhood home with audioguide.

From 2002, a series of initiatives and projects were implemented in co-operation with Larvik municipality, Vestfold County Council and Vestfold- and Telemark County Council.

  • The Thor Heyerdahl town project from 2008-2010
  • A national Thor Heyerdahl sculpture competition
  • A large Larvikitt-stone with a quote of Thor Heyerdahl, implemented in Larvik Local poetry park
  • The Institute`s book collection being built up at Larvik Library
  • Establishment of a partnership for a pilot project to develop the concept of a Thor Heyerdahl centre in Larvik
  • Book about Thor Heyerdahl and Larvik, made by the local paper in Larvik, Østlandsposten
  • 2014 activites marked the 100th anniversary of Thor Heyerdahl`s birth
  • Thor Heyerdahl audioguide from 2022(App)
  • Thor Heyerdahl stolpejakt from 2022(App)
  • Thor Heyerdahl lectures, Larvik without boundaries
  • Cultural Heritage Tourisme projects, development of partnerships in an international framework
  • International seminars about Cultural heritage and value creation, partnerships between public sector, research and private enterprises
  • Arranging The Thor Heyerdahl International Day, 2017, 2021 and 2022

To continue to develop the cultural legacy of explorer Thor Heyerdahl focus on his never ending fight for global environment, oceans, peace and justice, his interest and attitude towards international dialogue, respect for other cultures.