Thor Heyerdahl Schoolarships 2022

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Theme: Migration and Identity.

The winners of scholarships, together with their teachers, will this year provide an exhibition and presentation, at the Turkish embassy, 10th.November, The Thor Heyerdahl International Day 2022.

The background for the Thor Heyerdahl Scholarship was a gift from the Norwegian Government to the institute, on the occasion of Thor Heyerdahl`s 100th anniversary in 2014.

It came from three Norwegian ministries : Education and Research; Culture; Climate and Environment.

The gift was given in the form of scholarship funds.

A shcolarship-comitte selects the prize winners and provides them with feedback about ow to improve their contributions.

The Institute has announced competitive annual Thor Heyerdahl Scholarships of NOK 50 000 each since 2016. The scheme is amed at the group 16-19 and is open to all sixth form colleges in Norway.

Its objective is to stimulate young people to continue to develop the cultural legacy of Thor Heyerdahl.

The entries from 2016-2019 came for several regions in Norway.

During covid-time 2020-2022, naturally it was none and fewer contributions, but we managed to get some of high quality for 2022, and winners announced.

The scholarships have had the following themes:

  • 2021-2022 – Migration and Identity
  • 2019- The Living Ocean
  • 2018- Climate and Environment
  • 2017 – Cultural Heritage and Identity
  • 2016 – International Dialogue: A changing world