Hopp til hovedinnhold

Talks and Walks, 15th - 19th of August

Finally, Midgardsblot is back, and people from all over the world flock to Borre and its unique historical environment!

This year's festival runs from Tuesday 15th of August to Saturday 19th of August. There will be concerts, happenings, workshops, good food and drink and a Viking market.

The seminar Midgard Talks takes place every day with lectures and panels relating to Viking history, culture and music. The festival collaborates with the Midgard Viking Centre.

We set up extra activities on the playground for children and extra guided tours during the festival.

Program Midgard Talks

Wednesday 16th August

10.00 Josh Rood, Háskóli Íslands: Heimdallur: The enigma born of 9 sisters

11.00 Ben Raffield, University of Uppsala: Predatory societies on the move: Viking raiding fleets in 9th-century Europe

12.00 Marianne Moen, University of Oslo: Human sacrifice in the Viking age

13.00 Unn Pedersen, University of Oslo: Oseberg, another story?

14.00 Fredrik Bjønnes, Midgard Viking centre: The fourth Viking ship

Thursday 17th August

10.00 Katherine Beard, University of Oxford: Hallowed hammers and charming chairs: The curious diversity of Viking age amulets

11.00 Terje Gansum, Vestfold and Telemark County Municipality: The Gildehall - an argument celebrating 10 years anniversary

12.00 Kjell Braaten: Ancient instruments and Old Norse culture in modern music

13.00 Jens Rytter, Norwegian Directorate for Cultural heritage: Reindeer antler – raw material for comb production in Viking age and Medieval Scandinavia

14.00 Fredrik Gregorius and Jane Skjoldli, Linköping University and Stavanger: Pagan pilgrimage? Midgardsblot as ritual space

Friday 18th August

10.00 Bjørn Bandlien, University of South East Norway: Ynglingatal and Ynglinga saga as sources to Viking Age Vestfold

11.00 Boni Wik, Norsk Håndverksinstitutt: Viking age alchemy, turning wood into gold

12.00 Marit Myrvoll: Gosa bássi várit leat jávkan?/ Sámi Sacred Mountains - a lost heritage?

13.00 Simon Nygaard, Aarhus university: Becoming einherjar and valkyrjur: Religious Group Identity in the Viking-Age Hall

14.00 Alexandra Dragomir, ARTmania festival: Vlad the Impaler. The bloody truth

Saturday 19th August

10.00 Veronica Björkmann, Birka Viking town – The rise and fall of Birka – and what is happening there now?

11.00 Jeremy Freeston, Dragonshead Productions Ltd: Vikings – the true story

12.00 Mari Boine in conversation with Marit Myrvoll/ Q&A

13.00 Ragnar Orten Lien, Vestfold and Telemark County Municipality: The blacksmith and the devil. Objects made by the Dwarfs and their extraordinary powers

14.00 Kine Elandria Bjørnsdatter Haugmåne, University of Stavanger: Communicating Research: Turning the Back to Blood Project Into a Digital Exhibition

Changes in the program may occur.

For more information, visit midgardsblot.no.

Breakfast- and lunch offer

Every day, 16th - 19th of August we offer:

Breakfast, 9am - 11.30am

  • Grilled cheese and coffee: 65 NOK
  • Grilled cheese and juice: 72 NOK
  • Lunch, 12pm - 3pm

    • Viking soup,  with flat bread and butter: 129 NOK
    • Sweet potato and carrot soup with sour cream and cured meat: 149 NOK

    Glutenfree and vegetarian options available.

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